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4 things I learned from a silent retreat

(An Instagram original)

Silence is necessary.

Our world is full of so much noise- the headlines, the music in our ears, the constant entertainment. God desires for our souls to sit in silence with Him, pondering life. When was the last time you intentionally remained in silence-pondering life... without your phone? (which is not easy for most people... I literally turned my phone off and put it in the “phone retreat” box for that reason)

Give your mind a break and go sit beneath the big sky. Go think. Allow your mind to wonder.

God speaks through nature. Over the weekend, I saw this truth in full force. God really did make nature in part for us to delight in! The giant, gnarly trees, the bright blue sky, the breeze; it is all His handiwork. So go outside and soak in the beauty of nature!!

True friendships are an invaluable gift.

Although we couldn’t talk most of the retreat (broke that a few times but for the most part we did well 🤭), I got to reunite/meet some truly wonderful, saintly women. Some of these girls have been my friend since we were little little... and yet we only see each other twice a year. It was a beautiful reminder that the best friendships are not high maintenance.. they are the ones that never cease to inspire you towards God and make you laugh until your abs get sore.

and.. best for last.

The Eucharist is the source and summit of our Faith.

I have been taught this my entire life. Maybe one day I will grasp it. We listened to a book written by a priest, who served God’s Church undercover, in Russia. He spoke of the incredible sacrifices he and other Catholics went through- just so they could receive our Lord in the Eucharist. And yet we can find it so easy sometimes to find excuses to not attend Mass.

It’s amazing what some time in silence, nature, confession and the Eucharist can do to the soul.

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