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Getting out of a rut

You know those times when you get in a rut? Those days where you spend way too much time on your phone, go to bed late and sleep in, skip homework and cram it seconds before class... those tendencies that you’d usually work against, but for some reason- you let them have full rein “for now”.

It usually takes a slight slap in the face to get me out those types of ruts. A wake up call, a reminder of potential.

Cold showers, a long run, or a walk with a sibling are some ways I’ve found helpful for starting over. However, Confession and the Eucharist can’t be beat. Going to Confession forces us to examine those little moments of laziness, which add up to bigger issues; forming lifeless habits.

Confession makes us verbalize our mistakes- proving to ourselves their significance so we can no longer brush them off as “being tired”.

The Eucharist then fills us with the life and love we were made for- which will give us the drive to start fresh.

Don’t get discouraged if you’ve gotten in one of those ruts. There is no saint who has not experienced this, who has not struggled and been defeated time and time again. What made them a saint was their perseverance, not perfection. So get up, and take that step to wake yourself up. Jump in the cold shower. The devil doesn’t want you to realize you can overcome yourself, this sluggish lifestyle. But God sees your potential.

Don’t let these last few hazy days dictate your future. Use it as fuel.

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