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Hiding behind prudence- a short reflection

(an Instagram original)

"Prudence is a cardinal virtue, but so also is fortitude.

If you want to be a Christian in deed and truth, then,

with all the nerve of a prophet, you must venture forth and

never be silent, never let yourself be overcome by temptations

to cowardice, which so often hides under the respectable-sounding

name of "prudence." If you are a real Christian, a daring and

enthusiastic Christian, you will certainly hear shouts like this from

the world and from other Christians who are less daring, less enthusiastic:

"What on earth do you think you're doing? You're crazy! Who do you think you are anyway- some kind of prophet?"

- Saints In The World, The Adventure of Christian Life by Fr. Jesus Urteaga

Most of this book feels like a slap in the face. This author points out what most of us do: hide behind “prudence”. It is not saintly to be afraid. True Christians have to be daring, enthusiastic to change the world. We have to stop basking in our fear and watching the courageous ones- whether they be good or evil, change the world.

Yes, people judge. People judge because they‘re uncomfortable with seeing courage, motivation and knowledge of purpose in other people. It is intimidating. Don’t let that prevent you from fulfilling your exciting calling to transform the world for God.

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