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Saints with personalities?

When you think of saints, of holy people, what's the first image that pops into your mind? A dusty, chipped statue of a ghost-like figure dressed in robes? An old woman with a lace veil draped over head, or a stern old priest in his all-black cassock? Keeping in mind the prior descriptions barely scrape the surface of who those men and women truly are; the images described above fail to capture the exciting reality of sainthood.

To become a holy person is to develop our humanity to its fullest extent.

Our humanity. In order to give glory to God, we must develop our character, we must work hard at our education, find our hobbies and particular music tastes. A common misconception is that in order to be a saint, one must change how God created them: such as crazy, outgoing personalities or quiet, shy temperaments... passions for running, obsession over Kanye, talent for creating music, dislike of tuna, love of hunting, desire to be the White-House Press Secretary or a social media influencer. Society desperately needs holy people who are INTERESTING. God gave us our random passions, obsessions, talents, temperaments, dislikes, loves and desires, to change the world.

In order for humankind to return to Our Lord we need a revival of exciting, interesting and unique individuals to bring Christ to their workplace, their schools, their homes. We must show our friends and families what it looks like to be truly human; to love Christ through becoming our most authentic selves.

I've been blessed with a group of friends as well as a family who strive for holiness every day, and are some of the most interesting people. For example, one of my best friends not only has gotten into Texas A&M, has the most beautiful and enthusiastic personality and plays Varsity Volleyball, but she also reminds me daily to pray the rosary or what saint's feast day it is. Some other examples are my sisters, including three SAHM's, a nurse, a teacher and a high school student. Each of them have their own vibrant personality, favorite color or food, and particular quirky traits. They may be different in their professions, hobbies, music tastes, etc., but they are united in the pursuit of holiness through developing themselves as fully alive, exciting women.

Resist allowing society to convince you that in order to be holy, you must be boring. Be a saint with a personality.

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