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Whatever happened to friendship?

Reclaiming the adventure.

The above lines are from the title of a book I recently read, by Henry Menzies. He begs some important questions. Do we know what friendship is anymore? How can we be good friends? Do we have real friends? How do we know when we do or don't?

Friendship is a lost art in our society. But it can be found again!

"Friendship goes dancing around the world proclaiming to us all to awake to the praises of a happy life."


Distinguishing; therapist or friend?

Some individuals in our lives need a great amount of emotional and spiritual help, and often seek this assistance in friendship. While we must give love to all, it is necessary to recognize when we are being used as a sort of therapist, or emotional-support figure. It is possible to provide Christ-like love while avoiding unhealthy investments of emotion and time in the relationship.

A solid, true friendship also consists of mutual concern for the other. We should not always be the listening ear. In a healthy friendship, we ought to feel free to share our thoughts without the conversation constantly turning towards the other person; we should feel heard, understood and loved. This takes sacrifice from both parties!

"A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter;

he that has found one has found a treasure. There is nothing so precious as a faithful friend, and no scales can measure his excellence." -Sirach 6:14-16

Good friends are truly a treasure. They are rare. Not everyone in this lifetime will have the chance to experience the joy that comes from a true friend.

These "true" friends are the people who you can feel comfortable sitting in silence with. They are the ones who inspire you with joy, push you to excellence, and support you in times of pain. They are the ones who make your stomach hurt from laughter, the ones who remind you of your blessings. Conversations within such friendships should fill you with hope, excitement and resolution.

This is because good friendships are a reflection of God.

Friends are meant to be a supportive hand, inspirational figure and a partner in joy.

Recognize your good friends, and be one in return. Reclaim the adventure of friendship.

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