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You can't give what you don't have.

"You can't give

what you don't have"

Throughout my years as a Camp Bluebonnet counselor, I've heard this statement often. All of us girls would be reminded months prior to the week of camp, as we attended training; prepping talks, listening to meditations, attending mentoring sessions and creating concrete goals. It's only now begun to sink in.

I recently had a conversation with a woman I ran into at the Washington, D.C. rally. She and I discussed activism, and all the exciting opportunities we had both been given; whether it was attending conferences, summits, or meeting America's top thought-influencers- we both had a packed summer. She told me about a book she had been reading, recommended to her by an inspiring individual. It spoke of the importance of interior life before any work in the world. It declared that one can be as involved in good causes and activities as possible, but that without a firm interior life, that person will cause more harm than good.


Without a strong interior life, our efforts in the world will cause more damage than good, because we can't give what we don't have.

Counselor Workshop Vocations Talk

If we don't:

  • Work to build a relationship with Christ

  • Educate ourselves on our Faith

  • Ask for the necessary graces

  • Practice virtue in our daily lives

  • Receive the sacraments

  • Pray the Rosary

  • Prioritize our families

We are not living out our full potential.

"Activism," whether it takes form in being a camp counselor, speaker, teacher or parent, will be fruitless and a waste of time- if being pulled from an empty well.

DAC Airport

I thought about this a lot this past month, while flying and driving around to various adventures. In order to help any souls through my writing, it has to come from a well-grounded, Christ-founded foundation. These words cannot have impact on another if stemming from a life void of prayer.

"You can't give what you don't have"

This phrase is a good reminder for me, and I hope the same for you.

So fill up that well!! Invest in making your interior life rich; so that you may do good!

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