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You're not the main character...

And neither am I.

There's this trend that's on the rise, in particular among my peers, of which I call the Main Character Syndrome.

Main Character Syndrome perpetuates the idea that you are the star of the world, the individual whom the world should revolve around. This concept is all over TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Back when I was Freshman in high school, I remember overhearing a few girls talking- in a way that echoed the Main Character Syndrome ideology. One classmate added to the conversation by saying, "it's my life, so why wouldn't I be self-centered?" She communicated many young people's mindset.

Where's the truth?

At the root of many toxic trends, there is often times a well-intentioned founded sentiment. I believe in this case, it can be traced back to appreciation of one's individuality and the importance of living life to the fullest. Fully developing your personality and understanding of yourself as an individual is good and necessary, as is fully living your life. However, a self centered life is not one that is lived to the fullest, and self-obsession is poison to the soul.

  • A life lived to the fullest is one of sacrifice, of laying one's life down for others. Mother Teresa was a beautiful example of this- wholly offering herself in service to the those in need around her.

  • A beautifully developed personality is found in practicing virtue. Consistently striving towards discipline and ultimately holiness- is a recipe for cultivating the beautifully human qualities you have been given.

And a joyful, peaceful serene understanding of oneself is found nowhere but in our identity as children of God.

Become a saint, not the main character.

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An aesthetic and much-needed post in this era 🤍

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